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Centon pcie 4 and 6 tuner card
Coolermaster PC Cases and Power supplies
Crucial Memory For Desktop PC's
Video Cards by EVGA
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Gigabyte Video Cards
Intel Core I7 CPU
Kingston HyperX Gaming RAM
Kingston value ram
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LiteOn DVD Burner and Blueray Drive
Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
Windows 7 Proffesinoal
Nividia video chipset
PNY Video Cards
Sapphire video cards
Sentey Computer Cases
Sparkle Video Cards
Steam Gaming Community
Thermaltake Power Supplies
Western Digital Harddrives
windows media center 7
Winsis Computer Cases
XFX video gaming card

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An Affordable gaming computer is the same thing as a cheap gaming computer, the gaming computer industry just prefers to call an affordable gaming computer a cheap gaming computer because of the negative association we all have with the word cheap. Affordable gaming computers from Primal PC offer the same performance, build quality, and warranty as our overpriced competitors. Besides the results in a benchmark test showing different results, the games for the most part will play the same across all gaming computers. Affordable gaming computers also give you a great platform to start building your own custom gaming computer.

Cheap Gaming Computers are exactly that, their cheap, low in cost, and affordable gaming computers. Cheap Gaming Computers do not lack in performance or build

quality, their just what every pc gamer wants, an affordable gaming computer with a lot of performance that wonít break the bank. The computer gaming industry has drilled into our heads that a cheap gaming computer is bad, but it really isnít when it comes to real play time versus stats most of us will not notice a difference. Primal PCís cheap gaming computers comes with a three year warranty and we quarantine any upgrades you perform to your cheap gaming computer will not void your warranty.

Gaming computers regardless if itís a custom computer or a brand name store bought all rely heavily upon video or graphics performance. All of Primal PCs cheap gaming computers are all top performers in the graphics department even in the lower end of the models we offer. If you decided to go with a lower end build its still a good start to add higher performance computer parts to, until you a have built your ultimate gaming computer.

From time to time Primal PC will build a one off custom computer and post it here on our website and on or face book page. The Paradox was our first custom computer, and there will be many more to come. Please check back frequently with our site to check on all our one-off custom computer, and custom computer theme case builds.